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Ageing and Hearing Loss

This module examines the effects of ageing on the human ear and its parts.

The impacts of hearing loss are broad and can be significant. Hearing loss in the elderly can be particularly detrimental because not only can it impact cognition, communication, speech, social interaction and mental health, but it may go unnoticed to begin with.

Understanding and addressing hearing loss in the elderly is crucial for preserving their sense of self, independence, and overall enjoyment of life. Furthermore, educating the older population becomes imperative in fostering awareness and proactive management of age-related hearing issues.

This module serves to empower nurses with the knowledge needed to comprehend the types and causes of age-related hearing loss by exploring the anatomy and physiology of the ageing process. Various topics will be covered, including the effects of ageing on both the external and inner ear, and how this contributes to sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. Specific areas of exploration will include the impact of ageing on epithelial migration, how changes in skin affect hearing, the decline in cochlea function due to the ageing process, the impact of hearing aids on individuals, and more.

Join us for this comprehensive and engaging exploration of the ageing ear and discover effective ways to positively assist your patients.

Before you begin, we recommend that you have completed The Ear: Anatomy and Physiology module to ensure you have a base level of knowledge and understanding of the ear.

CPD Hours: 3